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Quiet Shield Blender: Why You Need One!

Blenders are the perfect smoothie machines to assist you in your quest for great health. However, they have remained a point of contention inside homes as early morning fitness freaks get tons of complaints from others regarding how noisy the blender is. The quiet shield blender has come to their rescue. So you get not only good health but peace of mind too. Follow this link or read the comprehensive review of its best features:

Removable Quiet Shield

The life saver for early morning joggers and gym goers comes with a removable quiet shield to make this noiseless operation possible. The shield covers up the mixing jug and blocks out the sound effectively. It can also double up as a handy serving jug!

Useful Settings

The quiet shield blender does not have to be a vanilla affair, it comes with all the bells and whistles. It can have several settings for different purposes including the smoothie setting, the ice crush setting, the puree setting, etc.

Good Brands

Most quiet shield blenders are available from trusted brands. The most popular ones include Hamilton beach and Jamba. What you shouldjamba-blender-and-accessories-885x1024 be looking for is a warranty. Some models come with a 5-year warranty! So you are ensured of buying a quality product with high durability.

Not Just for Smoothies

All of us buy a blender at first for making green smoothies but not all of us keep up this habit for long. Even the ones who do may later switch to a different diet regime. Hence you should go with a blender that can be used to make a host of other stuff including fruit or vegetable shakes, sauces, puree for cooking and even juices and nut butters.

Good Amount of Power

The versatility we have just mentioned can only come from high-powered machines. The quiet shield blenders come with high powered motors with stainless steel blades that can easily be used for crushing ice and even blending it perfectly with your shake or smoothie.

Quiet Blenders

The main selling point is their quiet operation. The quiet shield blender has a strong and noise proof shield. Not a sound from the inside comes out! Even with a powerful motor, the quiet shield does a good job of keeping it quiet. You can be sure that you would not be waking anyone with your early morning cooking.

Small And Well Designed

The quiet shield blender does not take up much space and is usually sleek and efficient in terms of space. So when you don’t plan to use it for a few weeks, you can easily store it wherever you want. It is also well designed and stylish. No matter the design of your kitchen, this is not going to be some bulky machine that is sore to the eyes, but a sleek and modern blender that fits in perfectly.

Easy To Clean

The plastic of your quiet shield blender is dishwasher safe. Not only that, it is pretty easy to clean too. It will take you only around 30 seconds! Therefore if you need a high powered blender, these are all the reasons why you should go with the quiet shield blender.

How to clean like a pro?

How to clean like a pro?

No matter if you live in the London’s center or in the country, you cannot run away from some duties. And here on the first place stays cleaning. It’s definitely not our favorite activity, but taking care of our homes, is what makes them homes indeed. We go to work during the weekdays, coming back tired, dreaming of the comfort of the sofa, of the coziness of the bed and the idea of spending some precious time with those we love. Yeah, cleaning isn’t in the program at all. In the weekend we all prefer sleeping until late, having a brunch and then going for a walk, or in the cinema, or shopping. We postpone the annoying cleaning until our home becomes an unwelcome place where we don’t feel calm and cannot just snug together.

But what if I tell you that if you know how to clean your flat it won’t be tiresome at all, even when it’s not a normal refreshing cleaning, but an after tenancy one. 


You are not an expert, so do a research. Online you can watch many wonderful videos showing different techniques which are used by professionals. The next step is providing detergents and cleaning tolls. Here it’s important not to prefer cheap ones at the expense of the quality. You better buy only one detergent but make sure that it’s high-grade, useful and suits your needs. If you want to clean like a pro during the move out cleaning you can invest for the future. When you are wondering what kind of vacuum-cleaner you could buy, choose a professional one. It’s going to be more expensive, but it is also going to work better. If you have more money to spend, then consider buying a steam cleaner or a Rainbow cleaning system.

Don’t distract your attention

When you have decided that you are going to clean your home you better decide when that is going to happen. The most common mistake is starting the big cleaning on Monday, for instance, taking a break for two days and then continuing it on Thursday. proThis kind of distraction is absolutely not professional.  So choose 2 or 3 days when the whole cleaning has to be done. Start doing one task after another according to a plan you have prepared earlier. Being organized is the most important ingredient of the professionalism.

Work, work, work

Yes, the technique and the cleaning tools are of great importance, but the truth is that nothing works, unless you do. So don’t complain and be positive. Instead of always saying how annoying, boring and useless the cleaning is, aim high, strive for perfection, no matter if it’s about a promotion at work you crave for, about learning a new language, mastering your cooking skills, becoming a better person or simply about doing the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself. Work! And if you find cleaning as a distraction, hire one of the London’s best cleaning companies. It is SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning. Click here for more information about it.



4 reasons why renting is far better than buying

To rent or to buy, that is the question. An eternal one indeed. You have been wondering for so long, which is really the right option and you have always been in two minds. Many people are trying to convince you that buying a house is a wonderful investment, which lasts for a life time, but is it seriously worth it? I have some great experience in renting a home to live in and recently I found that precious real estate agency that offers houses to let in Wapping. The whole time I have been working with their team I was absolutely impressed and it made me believe even harder that renting a house has some advantages that are absolutely unique. Because who doesn’t like changes? The whole idea about the stability is too old-fashioned nowaaa, I don’t want to spend my whole life in only one house, no matter how wonderful and magnificent it is. As simple as that. And in fact you should find a real estate agent like this, someone who is not interested in getting the commission from the deal only, but who wants so badly to find somewhere you can be at ease, somewhere you can feel safe and, oh, so lovely.

Renting the right place makes you happy. And if this is not enough for you, here are some other reasons.  

You have more options 

A well-known fact is that there are a lot more places you could rent than you could buy, so you can choose from a far greater variety and who doesn’t like having more options? This also means that among the more places you will visit with the agent, you will be able to choose the perfect one, the one that suits your needs and answers your requirements. And still if you are somehow not satisfied, you could simply move, which leads to the fact that…

You can move easily

Yes, you don’t like the neighborhood or you find a new job, you want to move town? These are all scenarios which will have their happy ending if you live in a rented property and will be too stressful and unpleasant if you have already bought a house somewhere. Nowadays you should be lively and flexible and you should be open to what life offers you, so don’t bind in with a house.

You are more careless

In most of the cases all you have to do is to pay your rent and to clean your home from time to time. The home maintenance is usually something the landlord or the letting agency takes care of and the bills for electricity, Wi-Fi, etc. are included in your rent. So, yeah, it is much easier and you can live so carelessly.

You meet more people

Our whole life is about relationships and friendships and connections with other people, because we all need someone to rely on, to share with. And changing your home in a couple of years, assures you more people to meet, more friends to find, new experience to make. And that is what would be remembered.

How to Clean Up after Dusty DIY Projects

How to Clean Up after Dusty DIY Projects

So, you’ve decided that you want to take on a home improvement project. You’ll save money, increase the value of your Orlando home and experience the great feeling of doing it yourself.

But have you considered what it’s going to be like afterwards, when it’s time for the clean up? Construction dust hangs in the air, finds its way into every nook and cranny of your Orlando home and seems to last for an eternity.

You try vacuuming up the dust, but find you can’t seem to get rid of it all. Here are the steps I’ve found that work best for removing that fine dust:

Sweep the walls with a clean broom to remove the dust. Use a paint brush to get the dust out of all the corners. Let the dust settle for an hour or two.
Vacuum the floors. Do not start by sweeping them with a broom. No matter what type of floors you have, even if they’re wood or tile, use a vacuum.women-740662_640 A shop vac with a brush attachment and a HEPA filter works best. (The fine construction dust could damage a typical household vacuum.) Vacuum slowly to avoid stirring up the dust.
Mop the floors. Add 1 cup of vinegar to a bucket of water. Mop thoroughly, rinsing your mop frequently.
Examine your walls the following day. If you see dust, sweep them again. Then wipe down the entire surface with a wet cloth or sponge. Rinse your wet cloth or sponge frequently. NOTE: If your project included new drywall, do not use anything wet on the drywall. The topping compound used over the drywall seams and nail heads is very lightweight material that is feather sanded to perfection. Wiping it with a damp sponge could damage it.
Repeat. If your floors look dull, or if you can see construction dust on them, vacuum and mop them again as outlined in 2 and 3 above.
If you’re going to paint, wait until the majority of the dust has been removed before you start. You don’t have to remove every speck of dust from your walls before painting, but you don’t want to paint over a lot of dust. Clean walls make painting easier and the results better.

If you want more home maintenance tips like this click here?

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